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Flat Roofing & Insulation

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Flat roofing products and roof insulation in Scotland


Single Ply Roofing
New technology has afforded many options when it comes to flat roofing. Single ply roofing membranes and accessories enable both contractors and their client base to achieve a high performing, lightweight, flexible roofing system, which is also easier, safer and quicker to install than traditional bituminous systems.
Scotia Roofing Supplies keep comprehensive stocks of Icopal’s Sureplan FPO, Monarplan PVC and Universal POCB.

Sureplan FPO
Manufactured from flexible polyolefins, Sureplan FPO provides exceptional weather resistance and protection against all temperature extremes.  
Sureplan FPO is UV resistant and remains virtually unchanged throughout its serviceable life and is not affected by direct contact with commonly used roofing materials such as bitumen, asphalt, polystyrene or rubber. 
This makes Sureplan FPO the ideal membrane for both refurbishing existing roofs as well as new builds.  

Monarplan PVC
Monarplan PVC is a flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride) single ply roofing membrane offering excellent characteristics of strength, elongation and weathering making it ideal for new build or refurbishment projects on flat pitched or curved roofs.

Universal POCB
Icopal Universal® is a POCB (polyolefin copolymerisate binder) membrane and is fully recyclable and together with the product’s low mass it is lightweight, strong, flexible, and extremely stable single layer roof covering that is UV resistant and tough. 
Single ply roofing systems are able to meet highly challenging design briefs, delivering excellent thermal insulation and airtight construction, thereby reducing a building’s carbon footprint while making sure that performance-critical roof membranes continue to deliver high quality protection. Single ply membranes are used in all building sectors, from retail to health, commercial to education and including residential new build and refurbishment.


Scotia Roofing Supplies offer both Icopal’s Enviroflex and Seal-a-Leak product range. They are the latest innovations in cold applied liquid roofing technology combining the benefits associated with existing alternative products to create new systems which are very user friendly. 

Anyone who has used a liquid applied waterproofing system will be familiar with the challenges often associated with this type of product. Enviroflex is a completely solvent free liquid system which dispenses with unpleasant odours, restrictive weather conditions, differing application processes and multi components being required in order to complete the flat roofing system.

Enviroflex™ is an extremely versatile product which can be used for flat roof applications of all shapes and sizes, ranging from small domestic to large commercial projects.
Installed directly to new timber or existing waterproofing systems, Enviroflex™ cures to form a completely seamless, durable and flexible surface that can tolerate minor building movement and foot traffic. 

The Enviroflex™ System comprises of a very simple product range involving, primers, liquid coatings reinforcing fabrics, and walkway accessories.
No accelerants or inhibitors are required to aid the curing process – the coating is applied directly from the tin. 

Furthermore, opened tins of coating or primer can be resealed allowing unused material to be utilised at a later date – Enviroflex™ is the ideal product to have in the van should a problem leak require an emergency repair! 

The Enviroflex™ liquid coating and primers benefit from a fast curing process which allows completed areas to be trafficked within the same day. Dependant upon climatic conditions, the Enviroflex™ liquid coating can receive foot traffic in approximately 4 hours and is weatherproof in 30 minutes.

Seal-a-Leak™ is a liquid repair kit designed to provide an emergency or temporary waterproofing solution to damaged or punctured flat roof membranes.
Seal-a-Leak™ comprises a single component polyurethane based, moisture curing liquid resin. The resin is supplied in a 1 litre tub. It is packaged with a second tub containing an instruction sheet, a small amount of priming solution and a polyester reinforcement fabric which are used in conjunction the liquid resin to form a fully adhered, monolithic membrane repair.

GRP Roofing


Scotia Roofing Supplies carry extensive stocks of the full Cure-It GRP system and components. 
Originally developed in the 1930s, GRP (glass reinforced polyester) has now become an integral product across a wide range of applications. As the popularity of GRP has grown it is now used for a wide range of common applications such as flat roofing systems, boat manufacture, spa pool and pond liner products, automotive body shell production, etc.

The strength and versatility of GRP together with its waterproofing properties ensured that boats and water tanks could be built to last many decades without the need for regular maintenance work. As the R&D and technology has improved over the years, GRP Roofing has developed high-performance GRP systems for use for roofing applications.
Materials are specially formulated for roofing applications and include the following features and benefits: a 20 year guarantee on materials, low styrene emission, good inter-laminar adhesion, excellent technical support, full training and on-site support. It is supplied pre-pigmented graphite grey (BS 00 A 13) or clear with a selection of pigments and all BS4800 colours are available.
The product is also fire retardant to BS476-3 Ext.FAB (no restrictions on usage) and FAA rating is available with the coated non-slip finish.


Widely used across Scotland as a flat roof waterproofing since the 19th century, modern bituminous felt is still arguably one of the most reliable flat roof coverings, when installed correctly. Due to this, despite technological advances in other roofing products, Scotia Roofing Supplies proudly stocks a wide range of Anderson Roofing Felts, manufactured by the world leader in waterproofing technology, Icopal. 

The Anderson range of cost-effective, reinforced bitumen flat roofing systems are ideal for both new build or refurbishment projects. Offering guaranteed quality, specifiers can select high quality products suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including metal decking, timber and concrete substrates.

Products range from traditional membranes and underlays, used in both DIY and professional applications, to innovative energy efficient and flame retardant solutions designed for experienced roofing teams.

Scotia Roofing Supplies carries traditional glass reinforced products and a full range of APP and SBS torch on systems, including the innovative Tecnatorch with grooves.

Bituminous Felt
EPDM Roofing


A popular flat roofing solution is a made to measure rubber covering. Scotia Roofing Supplies can provide any size of sheet to satisfy your particular project requirements, along with all accessories to enable you to carry out the installation.

EPDM is an inert roofing material with limited environmental impact during manufacturing, installation and use. It has the following features and benefits: initial production of the membrane has a low embodied energy number, the effectiveness of the EPDM polymer results in low quantities of polymer being required to obtain proper mechanical and physical properties and during the membrane's service life, no toxic substances are released from the membrane, allowing collection and use of run-off rainwater for household applications.

EPDM is a very highly durable material and has outstanding weathering characteristics and a life expectancy up to 50 years. It is an extremely environmentally friendly product and In regions where Heating Degree Days exceed the Cooling Degree Days, a black EPDM membrane on top of a properly insulated roof can help to save energy and reduce associated carbon emissions. Also, at the end of its service life, the membrane can be recycled and re-used into walkway pads, road asphalt and other applications.

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