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Pitched Roofing

Comprehensive range of Clay, Concrete & Metal roof tiles, Spanish, Reclaimed and New Welsh Slate 
across Scotland

Scotia Roofing Supplies Ltd are sole distributors of Barlosa natural Spanish slate in Scotland 


Concrete, clay and metal roof tiles

Scotia Roofing Supplies Ltd stock Concrete, Clay & Metal roof Tile complete with a full range of accessories in order to fulfil any roof requirement, in a variety of colours and styles. 

All products are covered by our suppliers warranties for your complete peace of mind. We are partnered with:
We also supply all the dry ridge and hip, verge systems and ventilation products produced by the above in order to perfectly compliment the manufacturers bespoke systems.  A full estimating service from plans is also available.

Scotia Roofing Supplies Ltd proudly stock the full range of Sandtoft's New Generation roof tiles, including, Cassius & Rivius and all complimentary fittings.

Scotia Roofing Supplies Ltd offer Decra choice of lightweight roof tile profiles, available in a wide range of colours.
Decra roofing tiles are designed to provide an attractive and economic finish for all types of roof down to 10° pitch. The lightweight roofing system comprises coated, galvanised steel tile panels with the appearance of traditional roof tiles.
A comprehensive choice of roofing accessories, including eaves, ridge and tile ventilators, completes the system which is totally dry fixed throughout.
Decra have now produced a Decra Classic tile with Noxite granules combining the long-lasting lifetime of the Decra Classic tile with the de-polluting properties of the Noxite granules: Clean air for life.


Sole Scottish distributor of Barlosa natural Spanish slate

We are the sole distributors of Barlosa natural Spanish slate in Scotland and have supplied in excess of 700,000 slates to the Scottish market over the last 7 years our brochure showcasing a variety of projects can be viewed and downloaded above. 
We work in partnership with a small number of exclusive slate producers in order to guarantee quality and consistency:

In a market which struggles to source excellent quality reclaimed slate, we hold good stocks of both Scotch and Welsh Slate, in a variety of sizes.  We will advise on current British Standard legislation in order to ensure you receive the correct fixing specification for your project.  We also stock all ventilation and accessories for your slate roof, including copper and aluminium nails, zinc, concrete and clay ridge tiles, continuous dry verge and lead.
natural Spanish slate
natural Spanish slate


At Scotia Roofing Supplies Ltd we are delighted to offer a comprehensive estimating service for your metal, GRP and fibre cement profile sheeting requirements, regardless of the project size.  

We also supply a full range of fixings.  

We specialise in Marley Eternit Cedral Weatherboarding, an ideal low maintenance, wood effect, rot free alternative to traditional timber weatherboarding.


We carry a large stock of roofing ventilation products to ventilate the roof space, ridge and hips.  

We are partnered with: 
You can choose from our wide range of tile and slate vents to suit your individual roof.  With flexible pipes, eaves comb, eaves ventilation systems, fascia vents & abutment vents kept in stock.


There is a considerable amount of misinformation in the market place regarding the use of breather membranes  in relation to the new amendments to wind pressure requirements of BS 5534 annex A. We have provided the information below in order to assist you in choosing the correct solution for your project and to help clarify the legal requirements of calculating compliance to the new regulations that are currently in place.  The key issue that must now be considered is the 5 wind zones which are shown on the map below, but it is important to note that  although a project might be shown as being situated within Zone 2 (975 pa) on the UK Wind Pressure Chart Map, any work in a coastal location effectively puts you in Zone 3 (1150 pa). Scotland begins at Zone 3, so it is imperative that you check the correct zone for your project.

A number of design considerations need to be taken into account when constructing new pitched roofs or in refurbishment of existing roofs. One of the functions of an underlay or breather membrane is to reduce the wind load, generated under wind gusts, that acts on the underside of the roof slates or tiles.  This issue is addressed in the BS5534 Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling. The selection of the correct underlay or breather membrane is dependent on the exposure of the roof to wind uplift, the type of roof construction specified and roof tile batten gauge. It may also be necessary to seal the lap of underlay.  A consequence of the incorrect selection of appropriate underlays or breather membranes is an increased risk of the roof covering becoming dislodged.  Note: Boarded or sarked roof construction with breather membrane fully supported by Plywood or T&G boards (Scottish practice) impose no wind uplift conditions on the roofing underlay and as a consequence the underlay selected by the specifier is not subject to the wind uplift pressure zonal classification requirements of BS5534 Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling.  We have included the zonal classifications as an increasing number of projects are being specified in Scotland using English practice.

Scotia Roofing Supplies stock a full range of Roofing Breather Membranes as well as Housebreathe in both Forfar and Coatbridge.  With weights ranging from 90 grams per sqm to 265 grams per sqm, you are guaranteed to find the correct solution for your project. Our range includes Icopal Monarperm Breathe All Zones, Ultimo, Roofshield, Vista, Maxi and Permavent.


This batten meets the performance requirements of BS5534:2014, and was developed in conjunction with the BRE (Building Research Establishment).Scotia Roofing Supplies stock both John Brash Red and a competitively priced Blue Batten, both of which completely meet  the NHBC requirements for fully graded roofing battens. Both are highly visible on site, therefore Local Authority Building Control, NHBC and other inspectors can see that high quality, pre-graded roofing battens have been used.  The NHBC (National House Builders Council) will no longer warranty a project if graded battens haven’t been used. There are many other guarantee schemes which require fully graded battens for compliance and is imperative that you check these requirements prior to battening out your project.

concrete tiles


We also stock Type A Battens which are  available for use when grade on site is an acceptable practice, for example for builds that do not require warranty and when building an extension to an existing property.  These battens are pre-graded to BS 5534:2003+A1:2010 except for a final grade for knots & wane and have a 60 year lifetime guarantee against insect attack and wood rotting fungi. These are manufactured from sideboards for a stable straight board and are easy to grade as knots in the wood are on the face (NB through knots are weak).  

Scotia Roofing Supplies also carry a comprehensive stock all of the essential timbers that may be required for your project, including sarking board, ridge roll, counter battens, plywood and CLS.

natural Spanish slate

For concrete, clay and metal roof tiles and Barlosa natural Spanish slate supplies in Scotland, call Scotia Roofing Supplies Ltd on

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